Robin Williams street art tribute off Melrose in LA on 17 August 2014


Fuck. Heavy.

Hope whoever did that doesnt let it get covered up

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So I went on the treadmill at home. Don’t know why I decided to do that. Maybe I just felt like I had been sitting down too much today.  I got bored after 5 minutes, but I pushed through to 15 at 3 different speeds. Even the Giant Bombcast, my saviour for driving home after my night shift at cc couldn’t keep me going after that. Thats my problem with excerise I guess. I get bored. 

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I finished one of the six butterfly outfits! Honestly I feel like this project has been doomed from the start, just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. From the bodice proportions to the hand painting to the hemming - and hemming is the easiest thing ever!

I still like the idea, and I think from a distance the garment will look okay. But thanks to all the problems I had to really lower my standards just to complete it so It’s not a dress I will ever be proud of. 

Anyway, it was made from petticoat netting, orange batik, and chiffon.  All designs were painted by hand…it took many coats since I was using bright colors on dark fabric. The bodice is fully boned and laces up the back. 

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Bless Dan Ryckert 

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This is a story about…

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Beauty and The Beast
A female freediver takes in the underwater scene, as a lemon shark slowly swims by


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Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

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